An Interesting Experience!!

It was a different experience this time. With a beating heart I approached "Charlotteburg Hall" where the final celebration of Lead5050 was held !! Although I didn't receive an award this year, but I am glad to have been one of the top three nominees (Academic Director of the year - https://www.lead5050.com/wie-awards/shortlisted-nominees/) and had the pleasure of meeting a great congregation of men and women interested both in Education and Business!! Women are really playing a significant role in international education. Wow!! What a great feeling! We are all speaking the same language. 

I was also lucky enough to be invited to another interesting conference discussing ways to help students looking forward to study abroad how to develop their language skills to attain their goals https://www.icef.com/workshops/icef-berlin/ I had the pleasure of attending a number of informative workshops, discussed matters with different agents and got introduced to an interesting world. Studying and Teaching the language really plays a great role in shaking the world!! You are an educator... be Proud.... the world rocks because of you  ;)

Roaming Berlin is a different story!! Getting involved in a new culture, walking through the wide and small streets smelling the ancient and the modern times is a pleasure in itself  :)  Although the visit was a very quick one, yet I tried to enjoy every bit of it. I roamed through the mix of the new modern buildings with the ancient monuments shredding smells of the past. I also enjoyed the boat trip. To see everything again but through the water is a really fulfilling experience. I really wished I had the time to go astray through Tiergarten, but I wasn't lucky enough!! So long Berlin   ;)

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