God is there .... God is everywhere!!

     God is there…….. God is everywhere!! These are the words that came to my mind as I took a look around the wonderful mountains of St. Catherine, South Sinai. What a wonderful opportunity it is for meditation. Staying up after dawn/Fajr: contemplating nature, the mountains, rocks, plants emerging through the rocks, gardens among the mountains, the deep valley, the sunrise creeping on the tops of mountains…. What a beauty beyond description. Am I really here … or am I dreaming??! You forget everything about the world, nothing counts, only the beauty God bestowed on earth!! You take a deep breath and enjoy the pure air!!

A hike is a different experience. Although we did it after sunset yet …. it has its own beauty!! You are going down a deep valley among the mountains, trying to feel the experience and enjoy the seemingly endless road to nowhere!! No buses, no cars, no noise…. only silence and the sound of the footsteps and murmur of the people around you…. What a graceful feeling!!

We were fortunate enough to end up the 4-day journey with a drop at the sea side at Ras Sedr ….  A different graceful, holy beauty!! What a wonder sunset at the sea side is!! Waves coming and going telling you all about that has been going around, the water tickling your feet. Nothing can be more peaceful!!

I had the pleasure of joining a wonderful group of young ladies and gentlemen (Satori) on a four-day wonderful journey to St. Catherine hiking and relaxing in nature. Wish you were there with us!! Thank you Satori for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Enjoy the photos …. Hope you like them!!        J

PS:   I still deeply believe in Wordsworth’s words
                     I listen’d, motionless and still;   
                     And, as I mounted up the hill,
                     The music in my heart I bore,  
                     Long after it was heard no more.


                      For oft, when on my couch I lie 
                      In vacant or in pensive mood, 
                      They flash upon that inward eye 
                      Which is the bliss of solitude; 
                      And then my heart with pleasure fills, 
                      And dances with the daffodils. 

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