Taking an online tour among the different PCE of IATEFL SIGS, I stopped at ‘Learning Technologies SIG”. They started with Gordon Lewis who spoke about the importance of having “A Technology Plan” for your school.  According to him, this plan

n  Must link to institutional mission
n  Must be understood and endorsed by all stakeholders
n  Is dynamic and under permanent review
n  Is active not reactive

 How can this Plan be implemented? What happens when we start implementing such a Plan?   

Let’s then take a look at Teachers’ beliefs and how far are they really true. It seems that Gordon has been talking about his observations of a certain project that he followed:

                     Teachers’   Beliefs
                        In fact         
1.                 Control groups demonstrated high degree of improvisation and creative thinking
This doesn’t necessarily develop Creative skills
2.                  1-1 groups tend to focus on mixed media
This does not demonstrate notable deeper processing
3.                 More details
Yet there is not depth

After questioning these assumptions, he came up with the following conclusions:   

He also posed a number of ‘Uncertainties’  

He concluded “it’s not about the tech really,” [it is how we use the technology].

STAY TUNED for more details of the rest of the day   :)

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