Hooray to Silvana Richardson!!

 What an impressive talk about employing Native vs Non-Native Speakers in EFL contexts!!

 She first stated the real worldwide situation that lots of schools and centres are biased to choose Native speakers as their own teachers without giving any importance to their qualifications. Unfortunately, this also applies to many students studying locally or abroad. Silvana tried to fight this idea through the different positions she had by simply asking those students to give those teachers time and then come and complain. What happened is that "they never come back" to do that!!

She then mentioned the frustration of NNEST (non native English speaking teachers) as lots of them spend years studying getting qualified, are far better experienced teachers and most of all know their students much better as well as their needs and culture. Yet they have to be faced by the injustice of ADs of employers and students simply because the 'customer needs this"!!
Even Native qualified teachers feel frustrated as qualifications are not then appreciated!!

She attracted the attention to the fact that this situation started to change somehow during the last few years, but we still have a long fight to go through. Thus she asked us as teachers all over the world to discuss this with our employers, talk to our colleagues, students and probably parents as well !!
She also referred teachers to this website https://teflequityadvocates.com that defends the rights of non-native teachers!!

She finally introduced herself as "a professional Argentinian educationalist by origin, who is bilingual in English and knows a little Italian"!!  Getting a great round of applause

Well done Silvana!!  Great job speaking up for other NNEST      :)  


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