LESSON JAMMING CHINA AND EGYPT / The Chinese Side of the Story

By Simona Vieru

Ingredients for a real successful session: get a team of teachers from Egypt and one from China, ring a bell through a computer, mix ideas for about 3 hours and you get a lesson jamming!

Last year, in August, I attended a Cambridge webinar about lesson jamming and the concept was new to me. But Tom Heaven explained it very well and I thought it would be a great idea to exchange ideas with teachers from all over the world without actually going all over the world. I knew I had to be part of an event like this, but I just didn’t know when as I was about to move to China.

The opportunity came almost a month ago when Tom put me in touch with Maha Hassan from Egypt. It was a perfect match because Maha and the teachers from Egypt had already participated to a lesson jam event and they were there to help and guide us.

The meeting proved to be meaningful and we, the team from China, had a lot to learn from the lesson plan which came directly from Egypt via Skype! The questions which came from both parts were relevant and lesson plans well thought.

I really went home with plenty of new ideas, but, above all, with the conviction that lesson jamming is important for teachers!

Thank you Simona, Viorica, Jim and David. It would be great to work together again!!

Hope to see you on our PAGE and Group   facebook.com/maha.esltraining

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