Nuweiba ….. The Beauty of God on Earth!!

What a serenity!?!? I am at the brink of the water, you can hear the small waves breaking at the beach!! In the background you can see the Red Sea Mountains rising to meet the other side of the sea. Two small boats are wavering with the small waves!! You feel you’d like to live here forever!! It’s a wonderful chance to stop thinking, forget about everything and just listen to the sound of the breaking waves and contemplate in nature. What a wonder this is?! It’s near sunset now and the sun is drifting away posing its pinkish colour on the mountains and the sea waves!! You feel time is endless, so long as you are listening to the waves time would never go by!! It’s a beauty beyond expression!!

This is a whim from the beauty of Nuweiba, south Sinai, a mix of natural beauty and culture that you can’t dispense with. I wish I could live here all my life away from the noisy city!!

We have just come back from a wonderful visit to Habiba Organic Farm and Educational Centre. We met a mingle of people from different walks of life, with different backgrounds. There we found Mrs. Lorena working with young kids to help them develop their learning skills, Sandro has just arrived to help her as well. On the other hand, in the attached organic farm a group of researchers are having a practical course on permaculture………. We really enjoyed the tour with Mr. Maged, the farm owner and knew a lot about his contribution to Nuweibian agricultural society!!

This is where we hope to have our upcoming Teachers’ Camp where the beauty of nature, culture and education meet!!!