During last week’s Discussions one of the teachers brought about two summaries for two articles. We will review one of them today

Our Top 13 Teaching and Learning Articles of 2013  --    Faculty Focus   By  Mary Bart

The article mentioned the titles of 13 articles. We discussed a few of them with the present teachers:

#4. Cell Phones in the Classroom: What’s Your Policy?
     The teacher (who summarized the article) spoke about her experience while watching over a class of 5th primary. One of the students mentioned that one of his classmates had a mobile hidden, but the other student denied that!! She simply left the class to call the supervisor! The supervisor came and faced him in front of the class and when she got nothing, she took the student outside.
     We advised the teacher that she shouldn’t leave the class unattended. She could have delayed this until the class was over and she would have gone to the senior responsible and then they could have summoned the student and found out the truth instead of causing a lot of trouble for no reason and give the student the chance to play tricks on them in front of the class.
     We also discussed that mobiles shouldn’t be allowed in class and should be handed in the morning to a person in charge to avoid unnecessary troubles.

#9. Keeping Introverts in Mind in Your Active Learning Classroom

     Yes, how important it is to pay good attention to Introverts while giving a lesson. Sometimes, the teacher overlooks them either because they are too quiet or they slip out of the teacher’s mind. This is part of the teacher’s professionalism never to overlook those students. Try to befriend them and try to help them to mingle with their peers to be able to share better in the class activities.

#10. Encouraging Student Participation: Why it Pays to Sweat the Small Stuff
     Yes, small details can differ a lot in the implementation of different class activities. Instructions have to be clear cut, the materials have to be well prepared. The application of either group/pair work has to be well planned to avoid hassle and waste of time in class.

#11. Prompts that Get Students to Analyze, Reflect, Relate and Question
     This title brought us back to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Here the writer Maryellen Weiner suggested applying the fourth Step of the Taxonomy “Analyzing” through using the following prompts:
a.                 Identify one important concept that you (student) learned
b.                 Why do you believe it is important?
c.                  Apply... [this]... to some aspect of your life
d.                 What questions has the activity raised?
This article stresses the importance of raising students’ awareness of their learning through Critical Thinking!!