Adult Learners

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 Reading this article (http://oupeltglobalblog.com/2014/03/26/iatefl-adult-learners-helping-them-clear-the-next-hurdle/#comment-31431) about Adult Learners and the difficulties they face, reminded me of my previous article that I had published on howtolearn.com Yes, what Rachel Appleby mentioned is true to a great extent. Yet I believe the problem is not listening to conversations while cooking or watching films and news. I believe it is the Determination of the Learner to know more of the language and be able to express himself/herself is what really matters. I believe supporting the listening with reading helps to a great extent. Yet Reading should vary from stories to newspapers and magazines as well as info from the internet. This helps a lot in developing a Learner's language. Not only that, but writing down their reflections on what they read or summarizing them makes miracles.

      I usually follow this system of work with my students, by asking them to write a paragraph about the topic they study every time plus doing some research online and discussing it in class. When they get to the higher levels, they are asked to read a newspaper article weekly, summarize it or tell us about it out loud in class. 

      Writing gives great courage to students in addition to Listening and Reading to speak out loud and function both the vocabulary and grammar they study in their course. They all work on breeding "a common sense' of the language which can't be formed through Listening only!!

     On the other hand, we can encourage our students to do extra listening and reading at home by holding competitions among them, for instance, the Best Writer, the Best Narrator, in addition to  the Best Busy Bee (Speller). It gives them a lot of Motivation and gives the weaker and shy ones a great push forward.   


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