Hi everybody,

          I was so excited lasted Tuesday while I was going home. I had an upper intermediate class for Adults. They had just finished level nine and had to give presentations on any topics they liked in 10 to 15 minutes. Although a number of students were worried, yet i believed they had enough enthusiasm to give out good presentations. Their work was more fantastic than i expected. They started coming out one after the other dealing with presentations in different ways!  One was so confident and used the board to explain what he really wanted to say. Another girl started discussing her topic with her colleagues without being worried that she is speaking in front of the whole class and that she has few friends in her favour. Another student really amazed me. This young man hated English before he came to the centre and never had luck at school with it because the teachers were so bad. He said i would speak for one minuete and everybody said that's ok. Yet he started talking quietly, calmly and with great confidence on the importance of knowledge. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. It was obvious that he practised a lot. I could hardly believe that he was speaking quite well  with least pronunciation problems. I was greatly happy more than anyone could believe, they could speak English Out loud !! How wonderful. I felt really satisfied!! It's CLT and internet search that really helped them speak out. I also insisted that they consolidated every unit with a piece of writing to sum up the unit. It finally workedddd!!  What a great feeling it is?!!

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