Can Third World teachers and students get to the top of education technology with least facilities?

  I'd like to start this blog with an invitation to my session on Global Education Conference today, Friday Nov.16 at 3 am GMT (5 am Cairo mean time). 
  Passing your experience to others is one of the pleasures of life. Teaching is even a greatest pleasure. To teach is to touch lives forever!!
 I consider the idea of this proposal  to be one of the most important aims of my life. I'd like to share my thoughts and the progress of this idea with you from time to time. Hope you will join me and share in with your feedback and comments. Welcome everybody. Would like any drinks !!  : D
 Name and Title:   Mrs. Maha Hassan
 Organization Name:  Arab Academy for Training Technology

     Country from Which You Will Present:   Egypt

     Language in Which You Will Present:    English

     Target Audience :   Head of English Depts. and English teachers
     Short Session Description :
How can we technologically upgrade third world teachers and students with minimal facilities?!

     Full Session Description:
   A number of years ago, I attended a session by an American teacher who was shocked to know that she had to teach in a remote village in a poor third world country with no mobiles, no internet connections and no electricity after 5 pm.!!
   This session made me realize how much are we obliged to develop our society and spread globally. It's a responsibility that no one can refute especially if you have the ability to participate in!!
    I came up with an initiative that I started applying in a school in a poor district of our capital. To my surprise, the idea was almost rejected?! Yet I came to ask myself:
    1. How can I manoeuvre to find a way out?!
    2. Who can I start with?!
    3. Where shall I start?!
    4. What tools do I have in hand?!
    5. What about the students?!
 I started.........It worked! .......... I am still working on it !........... Would you like to know what happened?! ............. Come and join me on this session !!!
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